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No One likes UnEven NeckBeard

A neckbeard is a person with thick, unshaven facial hair up the neck. The implication is that the person does not cope in a bad way with laziness or failure to comply with social conventions. The term refers to laziness and social ineptitude, typically associated with time spent on computers. 

It can sometimes be a disgusting term of respect, but usually means that the person lives in the basement of his mother playing online games and chat rooms. 

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“Neckbeard” is a fairly recent insult! From the thought of a beard that goes any than it ought to — i.e. down onto the neck — you'll abstract many ideas:

Neckbeards tend to be men and therefore in all probability approximate some qualities of conventional masculinity

Neckbeards are uncouth and ill-groomed

Neckbeards may not understand or care regarding however they are available off publically

i.e. Neckbeard clearly refers to some masculine behaviours that are unattractive and/or suggest an indifference to social norms (especially towards women).

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What is the Neck Beard

The term is mostly about appearance, but recently it has been transformed into behavioural claims: a neckbeard may be casually sexist, " manspainful," condescending, arrogant, pretentious, socially uncomfortable, etc . It's not nice to say something about a person.

If this is one of the first times you have been stereotypically / dismissively insulted, congratulations! Now you know how a woman feels when she is called a " slut" or " hysterical," how a black man feels when he is called a " thug," how a Muslim American feels when he is called an " unAmerican," etc.

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Maintaining Your Growing Neck Beard

The key to growing and cutting your neckbeard is to keep your neck bar clean every day. Warm water is best for removing any debris that is trapped in the beard. 

By moisturising your skin under the beard with a balsam or oil, the beard grows fully and reduces any discomfort that you feel like the hair sprouting from the neck. 

If you want to shape the neckbeard, beard balms and conditioners make it easier for you to run a comb or brush without any tangles or knots through the beard. 

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Seriously no one likes Uneven Neckbeard, even Girls don't like it too

Properly Trimming Your Neck Beard

Now, when you look closely at a guy who sports his neck beard, you may have the first impression that this is definitely the facial hair style of the lazy man, because it looks like zero maintenance is required. 

That said, it takes a great deal to look manly and disheveled. The following tips to cut your neck beard ensure that you take this grizzly look off without any problems. 

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Step 1

Before you can correctly trim the neckbeard, it is important to first thoroughly wash the beard to remove any loose hair or debris that is trapped inside. Pat the beard dry with a clean towel, and you're ready to cut.

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Step 2

Apply a shaving cream to your face, cut a line along the jaw, separating the beard from the rest of your face. Make sure you leave the shaving cream on the chin or neck so that you do not cut too low.

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Step 3

Shave the cheeks down to the trim line, but do not trim near the chin area anywhere. Invest in a good beard trimmer if you want a certain level of beard. If you prefer to grow it long and wild, you get cleaned up at this point.

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Having a neckbeard perceived as a personality type?

A neckbeard is so sloppy that it shouts " I have no Aesthetic sense, I have no self - awareness of how I look and I don't care how I look to other people. " One is expected to pay at least minimal attention to one's appearance in a polite society, and a neckbeard does not achieve this minimum level. 

Neckbeards are therefore regarded as a mark of a loser. The type of personality is not the facial hair itself; it is the disregard for the social convention that the neck bar represents that is the type of personality. Always be clean- shaven if you can't grow a proper beard.

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